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Amrit Thomas

Ex CMO Diageo India & Europe.


Amarpreet is a well-rounded marketing & general management talent with strong fundamentals, and the ability to inspire & influence large organizations & has made a significant difference to the Diageo India whisky business. He demonstrated great agility in building a strong innovation pipeline, team, processes & culture in a short period of time. I found Amar was always open to push boundaries on what’s possible & to try & do things in new & better ways. He built an inspired cross-functional leadership team of senior leaders & led them to believe in the innovation vision. His consumer centricity across both innovation & portfolio roles led to the foundation of some groundbreaking work. I was also impressed with his ability to move between the highly strategic & operational nature of his roles with ease. He is one of the most well-rounded marketing & general management talent I have worked with & will definitely be a huge asset to any organization he leads going forward.

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Julie Bramham 

Global Brand Director | Johnnie Walker.

Amar is a highly accomplished marketing leader, with key strengths in strategy development and commerciality. Experienced across industries and functions Amar’s leadership is broad and impactful and his commitment coupled with innovative thinking delivers impressive results.


Kawal Shoor 

Planner & Founding partner at Womb

Amarpreet is unassuming and soft-spoken. But underneath lurks one of the deeper thinkers of marketing in India. Having known him from his Cadbury days, I've seen Amar transform from a very receptive and open-minded young client to a senior leader in his current role who has a rare ability to get the best out of colleagues, peers, and agency partners. I had the pleasure of working with Amar on Cadbury 5 Star for many years. He engineered momentum for that brand through some memorable thinking on its core 'taste' proposition ("lost in the taste"), some great work by building on the famous 'Ramesh-Suresh' franchise that is going strong even after a decade, and also very forward-looking product innovations to premium-ise the offerings and get new consumers in. That innovation pipeline laid by Amar is seeing launches coming out to this day. Across my decade-old association with Cadbury as a senior planning leader from Ogilvy, I found Amar to be the most forwarding-looking marketing person in that company. I've also had the pleasure of working with Amar at Diageo - in his earlier capacity as Head of Innovations, and later as a senior marketing person looking after the bread and butter brands of the company. His ability to maneuver large brands into new opportunities shone through in my work with him on McDowell's No. 1. He also created an eco-system of experts across digital, social, music, entertainment, and influencers to bring all-around robustness to strategy, and made it new age. Beyond his professional skills, Amar is a genial, easy-to-get-along person who can be trusted to be a partner in tough times. He is an asset to Diageo and would be an asset to any company which has scaled up ambitions.